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Getting a FlowJo License

Please note that FlowJo licenses will be billed around CHF 200.- per year (price depends on number of active liceses), and discounted by 10% of the yearly generated fees (measurements and/or sorting).

To get a license please follow this procedure:

  1. Download FlowJo from www.flowjo.com
  2. Install FlowJo on your computer
  3. When FlowJo launches for the first time, a window where you are asked to fill in the Serial Number will appear. In this window you will find the Hardware Address (also called MAC address) of your computer. Note this hexadecimal 12 digits long number.
    If FlowJo was already installed on your computer you can find the number in the preferences menu of the program.
  4. Use the number to register you computer on www.flowjo.com/FLS/registration/unibe.html
    PI name means the name of the principal investigator, i.e. your boss.
  5. Immediately after submitting the form you will get an e-mail with the Serial Number that you will enter in FlowJo.
  6. Now you can start analysing your FCS-files

It's possible to automatically register for a FlowJo license only if you have an @xyz.unibe.ch e-mail address. If you have an @insel.ch address follow the above procedure until step 3. and provide the license number to thomas.schaffer@dbmr.unibe.ch, who will be happy set up the account for your.

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