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Course description

Course responsables: Dr. Stefan Müller, Dr. Claudio Vallan.

Duration: 5 full days

Credits: 2 ECTS points

Our course aims at imparting basic to advanced knowledge about the FACS methodology, with theoretical as well as practical training, and also includes important technical aspects. At the end of the course, participants will be able to plan, perform and analyze “standard” FACS experiments on their own.

The course is divided into 10 modules including theory, demonstrations and practical work. Participants are asked to give a short presentation at the end of the course about how they plan to implement what they have learned during the course. A certificate of participation will be granted only if 90% of the course has been attended and the presentation has been given.

Students of the Graduate School of Cellular and Biomedical Sciences will be able to collect 2 ECTS points. Besides the requirements mentioned above the students that want to get these points have to hand in a poster on a topic selected by themselves.

The price for the course is 525.- CHF. Studens earning ECTS points upon successful completition of the course are not charged any fees, as in this case, the course is officially considered as teaching load.

Clicking on the image below will download a pdf file of the program.

Programm FACS Course
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